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Continental fireplaces- how it is right for you?

Continental Fireplaces


Continental fireplaces...the number one brand for Ontario freestanding gas fireplaces...


Continental fireplaces are a good choice for a fireplace and they're located in Barrie.  It's nice to have a good reliable product close to home here in Canada. And they have been around for years. They've got a vast range of models and very rarely do you have a problem. But if you do need a part - Comfort Air can literally drive over and get a part since they're located close to us (in Barrie). The name brand has been in the market for years and is known all around the world and are also sold in the USA. You see them everywhere now – and they are a home brand name. They started out small but are now huge – and it’s good to buy Canadian and create jobs in Ontario. That's why we like Continental Fireplaces , and we believe we (and everyone) should buy local! Another good brand in addition to Continental is Napoleon which is also a well-known quality fireplace brand name.


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