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Zone Heating - How is it right for you?

Zone Heating Options

Zone Heating

Zone Heating in the Home:

The big advantage is zone heating, say for example adding a fireplace as an addition onto the house like the basement. Usually the ducts are in the ceiling and they're not in the floor and you're assuming clients don't have radiant floor heating. So the floor is cold. That's where a fireplace might come in handy in your room other than using space heaters for zone heating. Space heaters are kind of unattractive compared to a classic fireplace.

 You can get zone heating in one area. It's a perfect complement to a home.

What are good Zone Heating Options?

Zone heating is typically done in areas of the home that require heating confined to that area. Typical zone heating options are in floor radiant heating and through a freestanding gas fireplace. Radiant in floor heating is commonly done in kitchens and bathrooms where tiled floors are common. Under floor heating is an efficient and effective home heating system as it uses a main form of heating. Form heating uses conduction, convection and radiation to provide warmth that many people like and areas of the home. Many homes find radiant in floor heating very comfortable.

A second method of zone heating is through free standing gas fire places. Despite the fact that natural gas prices are so high, gas fireplaces are a very popular choice of all the fire place options. Freestanding natural gas fireplaces can also maintain indoor air quality, providing clean air in the home, and they also create less outdoor pollution than wood burning fireplaces

Energy conscious consumers like to use gas freestanding fireplaces, and radiant in floor heating to provide zone heating for spaces used most often. Typically utility bills are lower than relying on a thermostat for a central furnace. Natural gas fireplaces for example can warm up to you 1000 ft.² of living space at low cost.

Zone Heating Considerations
-for freestanding gas fire places for zone heating. Consider only properly certified contractors like Comfort Air

-Comfort Air recommends a brand called Continental Gas fireplace, which are manufactured in Ontario. These units are tested and rated as energy efficient as freestanding gas fireplaces.

-Avoid wood-burning fireplaces since they can lose approximately 85% of heat through the chimney.

-When considering radiant in floor heating, make sure your home is assessed by a experience company like Comfort Air in determining if radiant in floor heating is right for your home.


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